Ecuador LNG Terminal

SYCAR LLC is working with a mayor LNG Trading firm for the development of a LNG import terminal for Ecuador, South America.

The project includes port facilities for the berthing of an a FSRU to supply RLNG to the Ecuadorian electric and industrial markets.

This project is intended to introduce Natural Gas to the Ecuadorian energy matrix as a phase 1 for a future onshore LNG storage terminal.

The project is being developed for Bajo Alto in El Oro Province, this is a privileged location, with water depths of 36 feet average sheltered in inland waters with access to serve the needs for Natural Gas for the south part of the country.

This location has being assessed from a maritime point of view and it benefits of benign conditions to work 365 days a year, as of today the project has been awarded a concession from the Undersecretary of Ports as well as the FSRU operation approval from the Secretary for the Regulation and Control of Hydrocarbons in Ecuador, we are now in the process of environmental licencing , which we expect to have by the fourth quarter of 2020.